bostorus (bostorus) wrote,

Insomnia and Sarah Palin

I've been telling my friends that although I disagree with her stands on the issues, I would make up my mind about Sarah Palin's basic competence and intelligence until I heard more from her.

I've heard enough.

That is truly amazing. It sprints past answer, sails past non-answer, transcends honesty and falsehood, makes a fool out of syntax and semantics, and makes me wonder if she is equipped to run the fryolator at McDonald's, much less the United States of America. It's like some bizarre drug trip.

One can only assume that — somehow — she wasn't prepared for a question on the most important issue facing the country today. However, it does cast some light on why McCain was suggesting that the presidential debate be rescheduled to when the vice-presidential debate is happening.
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