bostorus (bostorus) wrote,

Idiotic Sotomayor Questioning

I am sitting here listening to Jeff Sessions interrogate Sonia Sotomayor.  He is basically spending all of his time asking a variant on the following question: "You are The Other, a Latina woman, and your heritage and experiences frighten me and my constituents.  What gives you the right to be a Latina Woman sitting here in front of me?"

I mean, even the idea that she should be some sort of impartial reasoning machine demonstrates a phenomenal lack of understanding of what judges at the appellate level do.  Ugh!

Oh, for crying out loud, now he's asking her to feel sorry for those poor firefighters in the Ricci case because instead of issuing her own opinion, her court agreed with the lower court's opinion.  Apparently, if the opinion of her court had stood, the firefighters would have felt cheated of a full hearing.  Even though the firefighters had already had a full hearing, and the lower court issued a 78-page decision on it.  And the Supremes overturned that ruling anyway.  But God forbid that our impartial reasoning machine not feel sorry for those poor firefighters who got exactly what they wanted!  Wait, what?
Tags: politics

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