Political Math For The Day

Pennsylvania is a must-win swing state in November.


The airwaves in Pennsylvania from now until April 22 will be flooded with ads vilifying Clinton and Obama.


President McCain.

(Feel free to apply this retroactively to Ohio. Plus, Clinton is doing a great job making Florida and Michigan residents feel that the Democratic Party doesn't care about them, so kudos on her for doing her best to destroy the Democrats' chances in the fall.)


For those who think electronic ballots are easy easily rigged...

Nothing is more easily rigged than the average voter:

Some votes were apparently lost, however, when about 20 folks at a Chicago precinct were given styluses designed for touch-screen machines instead of ink pens. When voters complained the devices made no marks on their paper ballots, a ballot judge told them the markers were full of invisible ink.

"After 20 people experienced the same problem, somebody said 'Wait, we've got 20 ballots where nobody's voted for anything,'" said Board of Elections spokesman Jim Allen. Officials were trying to contact the voters; Allen said the both the voters and the judge believed the invisible ink theory.


There was a 5.6 earthquake about an hour and a half ago!

I didn't even know this until my neighbor came to ask me if I were all right!

"Jeremy, are you all right?"

"Why shouldn't I be?"

"Uh... the earthquake?"

"What earthquake?"

"The massive rumbling thing that happened about 15 minutes ago?"


I was in my car. I guess if you are in your car, you don't feel an earthquake.

Three Strikes and...

I was in a conversation with a couple of people last week, and I expressed my abhorrence of three strikes laws, because they allow the government to send you to jail for life for stealing a slice of pizza. My interlocutors expressed some surprise and, I might add, not a little disbelief at this fact.

This week, in Missouri, a man faces life imprisonment for stealing a doughnut. There's nothing like a little hysteria over crime to pass ill-considered laws that do more harm than good.